Superior-Quality Chuck-Stops and Shortstops

CNC Lathe Chuck-Stop


Chuck-Stop Is an Accurate CNC Lathe Stop

  • Simple Installation

    Replaces the sleeve on your CNC 3-jaw chuck and in minutes, you can machine long parts on your lathe.

  • Fully Adjustable

    Simply insert the special socket from the back of the lathe to loosen two turns. Move the stop in or out and tighten. Remove the socket and go! It gives 30” of adjustment with the standard model.

  • Versatile

    It works on tubing and for small shafts and bolts on adapter plates. When you are not using the Chuck-Stop, adjust it all the way forward to keep the chips out of the center of the chuck. Also available is a slug catcher, to use when drilling, with insert drills to keep the slugs from being thrown by the chuck jaws and breaking the window.

  • Accurate

    Chuck-Stop remains stationary when the chuck jaws close. It saves you money from no scrap parts.

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Shortstop provides a quick and economical method for locating parts in your CNC hydraulic 3-jaw chuck. This allows you to position your part 2.25” in either direction from the face of your chuck. You can install it in minutes and keep chips out of your drawtube.

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